Ought to you opt to purchase your  own Zhu Zhu Hamster toy, you will see that you can play with the toy in several ways. Simply get to understand your hamster before you have fun with it. You will see that your pet hamster boasts unique wheels hooked up at the underside so they can do adorable tricks. Simply build positive to keep hair, fingers, and loose-fitting clothing away so that they don’t get caught within the wheel. These animals are created to be enjoyed on smooth surfaces, and in the particular habitats, add-ons, and vehicles. Simply keep them off of carpet, sand, grass, and wet surfaces as these little critters don’t like them.

Your own Zhu Zhu pets have their own play sets available, including one to slumber in. You'll simply place them beside your bed on the floor just like a genuine pet. Ought to you have dog or cat around the house, keep these toys away. They were intended for people, not pets.

Simply get pleasure from your new hamster and learn the way to take care of them as they additionally have their own desires. They were intended to perform at random and unpredictably. They will act differently every time you play with them exactly like actual pets. If you observe that the hamster creates sounds but the wheels don’t flip, make positive that the batteries are set firmly in place. If it still does not work, you will want to get a replacement one. They perform better with an alkaline battery. If it becomes wedged around their play set, check all of the snaps and connector points.

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